OneDocs will transform your communications both internally and externally. Multi system compatible, can be used with any system that produced an XML output including multiple systems at one time. OneDocs is not limited to a single system. Find Out More
Thursday 2nd February 2017

Limited number of FREE tickets to employees of industrial or manufacturing companies!

Thereafter £300 per tickets.

For more information, contact James Heselden on 01327 317652 Find Out More
Education Day

We at Web Control offer a structured approach in applying the right techniques to ensuring that your projects are delivered correctly, on budget and on time. the expertise of all our staff will ensure that plans are adhered to by all parties so that software development and process engineering complement each other in enabling the fulfillment of the project implementation to be seamless in your company. Find Out More
Programming and Development
Mobilize Your system data
Whether it's the ability to create sales orders from your customer sites, allowing access to update your service jobs, or creating a paperless stick counting system, we can design and build bespoke apps that you can access and display your data as well as update your data from anywhere. Using Windows, Android and iOS Apps you can now change the way your business operates giving you more mobility and the ability to improve your paperless operations. Find Out More
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the application of IoT within Manufacturing and Service companies. The Internet of Things (IoT), is the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to collect and exchange data. Find Out More
With our partnership with Zumasys we can provide a cloud hosting service for all business needs. A Cloud Infrastructure Unit is the foundation of Zumasys’ resource pools, built on resilient and high performance infrastructure. Combine CIUs to make you have a big enough cloud for your business-critical applications. Zumasys Cloud is located in SuperNAP, the world’s most secure and North America’s only Tier IV data center. All CIU Come with Windows Server licensing. Find Out More
Cloud Hosting
Replication/EDA are two different products brought together to allow you to store some or all U2 files in external data sources, for example SQL. The first aspect is replication which allows you to replicate Avante files to a secondary account. Used alone, this allows the capability of a full off-site backup of all or a set number of pre-defined files. Used alongside EDA (External Database Access) all U2 data will then be transferred to SQL tables for further manipulation and for use in BI application, such as OneBI. This means that you can run potentially resource heavy reporting tools without affecting your working environment. Find Out More
Web Control have strategically built their team to include people with years of front line manufacturing IT experience and people with Avante/Infoflo implementation/support experience. This combination is the only effective way of providing good manufacturing consultancy. Add to this the specialist skills and products that Web Control have developed in the areas of Internet interfaces and supply chain automation and the ingredients are all there to take advantage of the business improvements that can be found with the use of IT. Find Out More